About us

ACTIO CHILE is a consulting firm aimed at small and medium-sized companies, local and international, that carry out or intend to conduct business in Chile, contributing to their creation and implementation, as well as improving their management and business practices. It is integrated by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with experience in the financial, tax, accounting and legal areas, who provide assistance in an objective manner with the intention of discovering their real problems, analyze them and recommend solutions. The foreign client will find in our firm, complete packages of services to solve all the procedures derived from their introduction in our market. We study the exact need of each client to adopt the best solution.

MISSION: Solve the problems of small and medium-sized companies through a 360-degree global consultancy in quality, providing timely and efficient responses and seeking to improve their productivity and efficiency, reduce their costs, consolidate the knowledge of the organization, improve their levels of service to clients and prepare it before change processes

VISION: We want to consolidate as a consulting firm that contributes to the development of our country, placing our concern and emphasis on small and medium-sized companies, which are the social and economic engine of Chile, providing excellent services with passion, rigor and originality.


Our Services

Finance We offer solutions to the financing needs of our clients, such as working capital, restructuring of liabilities or obtaining guarantees through different credit products and various financial institutions, providing solutions quickly to facilitate the growth and development of our clients. Likewise, we evaluate economically and financially ex-ante and ex-post the projects or portfolio of investment projects of our clients.

Tax We offer advisory services and tax defense strategies. We defend our clients in the process of inspection before the SII (Internal Revenue Service of Chile). Likewise, we advise our clients in judicial tax proceedings before the Tributary and Customs Courts and before the Courts of Appeals and Supreme Court of Justice of Chile. In the same way, we provide advice on administrative procedures for tax refund, justification of investments, determination of the tax base, expenses rejected and not accepted and in general, in any tax administrative process that involves a dispute with the tax authority.

Accounting We offer the registry, the measurement and the interpretation of the economic facts of the business of our clients with the purpose of contributing to the control of their operations and the taking of appropriate decisions at managerial, administrative and financial level, based on the issuance of financial statements monthly in IFRS and US GAAP. We offer the processing of all the accounting documentation until the issuance of the Financial Statements. We analyze your cost systems, in order to determine the proper control of them, the effectiveness and efficiency of operations and the determination of sales prices. We analyze the existing accounting policies and procedures in a company, for its proper implementation and follow-up.

Legal We offer our clients advice and legal representation in the civil, labor and commercial areas, addressing the various legal problems they may face from its establishment and implementation.

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